Cocktails - £7.95

Baby J

Absolut Raspberry, Absolut Manderin, mixed with orange and cranberry juice and topped with lemonade and a drizzle of grenadine.

Buffalo Stance

Kirsh, Smirnoff Apple, Triple Sec, Cherry syrup, Grapefruit and Apple juice with a dash of grenadine

Cherry Drop

Midori and amaretto, with cranberry juice and fresh lime


Double cointreau, cranberry juice and a twist of fresh lime

Dark Angel

Cassis and Vanilla syrup topped with lemonade.

Fashion Victim

Shaken not stirred. Skyy Citrus, Blue Curacao, Triple Sec, Cranberry juice and grenadine topped with lemonade.

Gin Garden

Double Hendrix, apple juice, dash of elderflower, cucumber and squeezed lime

Long Island

Not for the faint hearted…4 white spirits topped with fresh lemon and lemonade.

Lynchburg Lemonade

Jack Daniel’s and Cointreau topped with lemonade and fresh lemon juice


Town Bar favourite…double measure of Bacardi, plenty of mint, ice and soda

Naranja Jake

Contreau, tequilla and sailor jerry with fresh lime, Cranberry and Orange Juice

Moscow Mule

Skyy vodka, lots of squeezed lime juice and ice, topped with ginger beer

Town Wallbanger

Double shot of Skyy Vodka topped orange juice, crushed ice and drizzled with Galliano

Royal Sapphire

Bombay sapphire, cranberry juice and lemonade create a sparkling and refreshing long cocktail

Sea Breeze

Skyy Citrus shaken with Cranberry and Grapefruit juice

Sex on the Sofa

Vodka, and peach schnapps with orange and cranberry juice

Screaming Orgasm

Skyy vodka, Kahlua and Baileys topped with milk and chocolate sprinkles.

Southern Mule

Southern comfort over ice, a dash of angostura, topped up with ginger beer and fresh lime wedge

St Clements

Skyy Citrus topped with orange juice and lemonade and a dash of lime.

Tequila Sunrise

Double measure of tequila, topped with orange juice and a dash of grenadine

Vanilla Iced Blue Lagoon

Absolut vanilla vodka and blue curacao with ice, lemonade and lemon garnish

Woo Woo

Skyy vodka and peach schnapps with squeezed lime and cranberry

Golden Delicious

Double shot of Smirnoff Gold topped with apple juice.


Double shot of Mango Sourz topped with orange juice and lemonade.

Purple Witch

Sourz Cherry and Blue Bols topped with lemonade

Pirate of the Carribean

Double shot of Morgans Spiced mixed with gomme, cranberry, orange, grenadine and a squeeze of lime.